No foolin’... this is REAL CHANGE and RESULTS

Yes, this is me... both me. Both times working on my fitness, both times happy with my progress, both times giving it the best I got. But somewhere around December, there was a BIG SHIFT... no not in my body, actually probably looked the same or worse in December, and avoided cameras if possible. But there was a SHIFT in my MINDSET, where “enough is enough”, and “I can’t keep giving it my all, then quitting and giving nothing at all”... It’s not good for my mind, my body, my emotions, my family... and I know the Lord wants MORE of me. ➡️But what do you do when you know you want to change, but your not sure where to go, or what you are actually ready for/capable of?!? For me... I went to my FRIENDS who I saw CHANGING... LIVING FULLY, INTENTIONALLY, and seeing results. I reached out... I KNEW I could not do this journey alone. I made some financial sacrifices... the program and nutrition plan I chose, was not free... but it was proven to work... so I made the decision to try. Then I MADE the CHANGES in my DAILY LIFE to follow through with the commitment I made. I felt like I was back in school, prepping for a new class... printing my syllabus, calculating equations, making meal plan spreadsheets... I was going all in, and if i fail... I’m going to fail while trying. First week in, I was feelin excited about my food cause I had planned it all out... not prepped, just planned... I was a mom with 2 littles and a hubby gone for work... prepping is a luxury I couldn’t afford yet! But when it came to my workouts, I often couldn’t even lift half of what my trainer held. I had to take major pauses, and I modified almost every exercise. As I approach the end of my program, I am proud to say I am lifting at or just under my trainer’s weights. I have lost 10+ lbs, dropped a full dress size, almost 2, have become more efficient and confident in planning and prepping meals throughout the week... but the best of the transformation has actually been what is UNSEEN! My bed has been made daily. I have fought with my husband less (although he is still rarely home so maybe this one doesn’t count 😜), I have more patience with my kids, I have more energy for daily tasks. 🌸I have JOY where I had harvested BITTERNESS and NEGATIVITY... yes, harvested... held on to it, planted it, and watched it grow in the relationships and lives of those around me 😢. And although my life and choices have changed, I am still seeing the consequences of my sin and poor choices, but I also see the seed of HOPE! Friends, we can’t WISH our lives into being... we must FIGHT for our lives. For the “enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8 NIV) The ME sitting on the sofa, binging on hours of mindless TV, feeling frustrated with myself, yet wallowing in my self pity and guilt... is a PERFECT PREY! 🤦🏼‍♀️ And although the Bible tells me “Stay alert!” (1 Peter 5:8 NLT) I was not listening or obeying, and would even get frustrated at God for all the HARD in my life. 🤷‍♀️ But when you DECIDE to CHANGE your MINDSET... EVERYTHING begins to change friends.... E.V.E.R.Y. T.H.I.N.G! So, is this YOUR TIME to make the change? To COMMIT to a better you, whole-heartedly, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? ➡️I am thinking about starting a separate EXCLUSIVE group for friends who choose to follow this same 80 day program I did! 💪 I am going for ROUND 2 and want some FOCUSED FIT FRIENDS to join me! If you are interested the GROUP STARTS ➡️APRIL 23rd! So comment, email, message, fill out the CHALLENGE APPLICATION , or send up a sky flare😜... just get a hold of me, and I’ll share even more details! 💗I want to share these feelings of JOY, CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, and STRENGTH with as many friends as I can... reach out to me, and let the CHALLENGE of CHANGE begin for YOU!!  

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