What 2015 taught me about Parenting...

2015 was by far my hardest year ever! Dealt with the loss of 2 miscarriages. My 2 year old was hospitalized for 2 weeks unexpectedly, and we were told that an infection had disintegrated part of a bone and could have moved to his brain. Thank the Lord it was the best case scenario for a bad situation.

I personally had to have weekly follow up lab work because my pregnancy loss was so rare that they needed to monitor my hormone levels (which were all over the place!) And in the scheme of everything I also gained several unwanted pounds... Not a great thing for a fitness coach.😕

But through that crazy mess; all the ups and downs; all the tears, prayers, and even sweet moments... I realized even more clearly that LIFE is a precious gift! 🎁One that should NOT be taken advantage of! And as a parent👪, it's my job to teach, lead, and love my lil one!

🎉Celebrate LIFE everyday! ✔ And Celebrate Lavishly!

I don't mean spend a ton of money, or use up all your time to throw a silly party... But with ALL your heart❤ REJOICE, and fully appreciate the moment!

Today is my lil man's 3rd bday, and his daddy and I want to show him just how loved❤ he really is! So we stayed up late decorating and blowing up balloons (one of his favorite things) to bring JOY to his lil heart! 😍🎈😄 My hubby and I are nothing special, we are tragically flawed actually, but we LOVE our lil man, and want him to know it! Just IMAGINE how much more our Father in Heaven loves us... And celebrates us! 💛

To be the best parent, I need to learn from the best! And it starts with LOVE, then comes JOY, closely followed by some PEACE, and PATIENCE! (Galatians 5:22)

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Here is video of the sweet moment!

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