***My 3 Day Refresh RESULTS***

The RESULTS are in and I am DOWN 4 lbs & DOWN 4 inches in waist and hips!!

Feeling a lil bloated from all the holiday food and treats? Not me anymore!

I am super excited to see the scale move down a lil bit in just a few days (without starving myself), but I am most excited that tummy and gut just feel a lil more at ease! The 3 Day Refresh, is simple because you get an easy to understand guide of what you can eat, and daily shakes to go along with the food. I liked that I'd didn't have to think too hard about making food or figuring out complicated recipes. Simple... drink this shake and eat a serving from the veggie list and/or the fruit list. The diet plan is easy to understand, but you do want to make sure you stick to the recommended time schedule. If you happen to wait too long in between meals you begin to get very hungry. You also want to eat all of the recommend portions... Don't skip anything! The program is a very low calorie plan already and our bodies need to be fed and fueled to run efficiently. Not necessarily the most enjoyable 3 days, but what cleanse is really fun? But I would say it was completely worth it! By the end of day 3 my cravings for junky things had subsided quite a bit, my tummy felt happy and settled, my jeans fit better, I am not craving caffeine, and only 2 days after I was able to rock a major run I had not trained all the well for! So to me the 3 day refresh is a WIN, WIN, WIN! Contact me if you want more info about the 3 day refresh, or if you have heard of it before and just have a few questions! Or just comment below to show me some love! It feels good to finally feel good! 😄💪💜 (Oh and 2 days later I am still down, although gained a lil back... Normal for me after an intense workout day)

Try the 3 Day Refresh!

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