Motherhood Benchmark... & BIG NEWS

I have officially hit a new benchmark of motherhood... I am “that MOM"! 😂

You know...

YES, that's right.... "MINIVAN drivin'" MOM! And I am so EXCITED!

>>>>>>>>>>>> But WAIT there’s MORE!

After almost 2 years of not working (or half-hearted working) I am diving into COACHING again!

For the longest time I kept trying to figure out if “this” was really for me, or was there something else I should be doing because honestly “working” at all with a new baby, and a hubby gone all the time, is HARD.

In the meantime, I have watched way too much TV, tossed healthy eating out the door, along with regular exercise (besides chasing my kids 😜). The RESULT... I don’t like or even recognize the person I’ve become.

So I’m making the CHANGE! I’ve prayed about it, talked about it with friends and family, and coaching doesn’t just help me and my family LIVE fuller lives, I get the blessing of walking alongside others in their journey and get to rejoice in their triumphs and transformations!

YES, I kinda have that new feeling of “I have arrived”, with my new mom van 🚘 and my newly defined sense of PURPOSE... but that don’t make this #momlife or #coachlife easy!

I may totally stink at balancing the 2, and dealing with the stresses that life throws at ya, but that is NOT going to stop my INTENTION of giving it my BEST!

If you are intrigued enough to find out what’s in store for my #fitTribe CLICK HERE! 😘

I’m also thinking of doing at least one BIG giveaway soon too, so make sure you follow me for more details! ❤️

#lifetothefullmom #theLFT #2018hereicome


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