The Mission Behind JC  Life to the full


First of all, thank you so much for stopping by to check out my site! My prayer is that you will be encouraged and challenged by what you see here!


The inspiration for this ministry came from struggles in my own life. Struggles with weight and self image, depression, anxiety, fear, and comparrison. One day, during a quiet time with the Lord, I came across the verse John 10:10. A verse that describes an enemy who fiercely attacks at the heart of life. He seeks to "steal, kill, and destroy".

BUT, and this is a big one...

Jesus Christ came to bring us LIFE!


As followers of Christ, we are given the gift of undeserved salvation. Christ payed the debt for our sins. This simple thought... "Christ paid my debt"... was such a humbling thought, that it challenged me to live each day like I fully appreciate the gift of life I have been given. The gift of life here on earth, and the gift of eternal life in heaven.


Does this mean, that everyday should be packed full of adventures, and celebrations? No.


Living life to the fullest means APPRECIATING the good in life, PUSHING THROUGH the bad, and HONORING God in the big and small things.


This verse is so encouraging, because it demonstrates God's love for us. It also challenges us to live better. Placing a focus to live a HEALTHY lifestyle has made me STRONGER in both mind and body, given me ENERGY to enjoy the people in my life, and has even given me CONFIDENCE to be bolder in sharing the gospel with others.


When you dive into Living the Full Life through Jesus Christ, even in the darkest of life's circumstances you will experience a JOY and a PEACE like no other!


So JOIN me in this journey... and let's live life to the fullest, together!


Jenny Connors